DSE Past Paper Ordering

The DSE Past Paper Ordering forms will be distributed on 22 Oct 2021 (Fri) to Form 4 and Form 5 classrooms. For Form 6 students interested in the ordering service, please kindly visit the Student Association Office (Room 124) to retreive a form.

Please fill in the form, and return the form to the Student Association Office (Room 124) on or before 1 Nov 2021 (Mon).

Please follow these steps for ordering:
1. Fill in the form and tick the desired items and quantity.
2. Following the payment instructions provided on the form, pay the required balance.
3. Print the payment proof and attach it to the form.
4. Submit the filled form with the payment proof attatched to the SAO.

Should you have any enquiries, please kindly contact the Publications Board through email (47lscsapb@gmail.com) or Instagram (@lscsa.pb).