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Est. in 1975


“Lead a quiet life and work with your hands.” Being the most influential student organisation of the school, the Student Association aims to set a good example, leading members and students alike to glorify the name of La Salle.


“To serve, not to be served.” The Student Association serves all Lasallians with great devotion, in hope of bringing the best school life to students.


“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.” Members of the Student Association work hand in hand throughout the whole scholastic year, pledging to be faithful in serving fellow students.

"A revived spirit we radiate,
our brotherhood we invigorate"

Since the establishment of the La Salle College Student Association in 1974, La Salle College has always taken a student-centric approach to its affairs, emphasising heavily on autonomy and whole person development of the student body. The role of the Student Association has always been abundantly clear - giving assistance and making recommendations to the Principal concerning student affairs, taking a leading role to uphold and build on the reputation of the School as well as providing comprehensive welfare to students.
As many events were either postponed or cancelled due to the prolonged effect of the pandemic, students rarely experienced the opportunity to immerse themselves within the brotherhood that fuels the Lasallian spirit. Following the celebrations of the 90th Anniversary, we are inspired to build upon our idiosyncratic spirit and radiate an image that represents unity, while maintaining our core values of faith and zeal. We seek a revival of eccentricity, and through providing more opportunities and incentives for students to get involved, in addition to policies that encourage students’ support and feedback, we hope that we’re able to foster students’ sense of belonging and dedication towards La Salle, invigorating our conjoined brotherhood to continue this commitment, which is of paramount importance.
We have a vision many wouldn’t dare to foresee, a testament to our collective responsibility, but also an opportunity to exhibit our colossal tenacity. Thomas Mo and His Cabinet ought to provide students with opportunities to grasp, but more; an experience for them to inundate within, and the Lasallian spirit that will never perish.

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